Privacy Policy

In AssignmentHelpsAustralia your privacy has been given the utmost importance and we and sure that there is no stone left unturned when it comes to your safety and security. We intend to maintain utmost transparency in declaring all our policies and procedures pertaining to collection use and disclosure of the personal data of a customer. None of the personal information of our clients will be shared with a third party e entity without the permission of the customers. The policies and the procedures in the company will be governing all the activities of our employees, subsidiaries and partner organisations. Our terms of services will define all the boundaries of this privacy policy and the aspects that are beyond these procedures.

To carry out a business it is imperative for our representatives to collect some personal and professional information from the clients. Personal information that we collect includes the phone number and the email address of the customers, the location and the IP address. Other non-personally identifiable items include an overall time that you spend on a particular page, your views on the website, the website that you frequently visit and your browsing history.

You can be rest assured that your personal information will be safe and secure with us. We do not intend to sell any of your personal data to a third party institution or organisation. The information that will be collected by a representative from you will be used for completing your assignments and internal reporting. We have changed our representatives in such a manner that they acknowledge the importance of your Private data with utmost sincerity. All the information that has been collected from you will be e-secure wire password protection and shall not be disclosed to any other third party organisation for marketing purposes.

The sole need for collecting your personal information is to ensure that we are able to inform all our customers regarding the changes that may be implemented on a website. Further this information will help our representatives to be constantly in touch with our clients. The non personal identifiable also include your assignment details and the key requirements for completing your projects. This will help us to understand what exactly is required to maintain a superior quality of project competition. In case of any additional requirements we intend to to call or email you on the email address other number that you have provided as in time of registration. You can also feel free to give us a call and update us regarding any information that you might feel is important to complete your assignment.

If at any time you feel that your personal information is not being safeguarded by us or our company representatives then you have the right to forget. If you want us to delete all the associated information and activities that you have provided as earlier then it will be deleted within 14 days of your request. You can contact us on our helpline number or official email ID.

Brief induction

In the fast moving age of Technology you as a student cannot afford to use traditional methods to complete your assignments and students project. Completing Assignments without any external help has always been a tedious task and this has resulted in the students not achieving the level of excellence that they deserve. With the introduction of Internet and technological advancements the students have an opportunity to achieve a level of Excellence that was unthinkable before. In assignmenthelpsAustralia we cater to all the problems that a student faces in completing the assignment and students project. We provide customized service to all our clients keeping in mind their personal needs and requirements. Our services are highly cost-effective and packages have been developed keeping in mind the monetary conditions of the students and Australia.

Sometimes the students find themselves in a situation where it is very difficult to adjust to the new guidelines and requirements of the educational institution. Such strenuous guidelines and strict deadlines are likely to affect the morale of any individual especially for those who have been trying to settle down in a foreign country. In assignmenthelpsAustralia you can find guidance in a wide range of subjects including history geography physics English Maths engineering finance and accounting. What will add value to your experience will be the overall Quality Assurance provided by our company and the ability of our experts to deliver the projects on strict deadlines?

The ease of availability is also a major attraction for our students. The clients will be able to have full access to the assignments without getting out of their comfort zone. They simply need to sign up on our website and login with their email id and password. We assure you that we can provide the services to our clients round the clock. In the past couple of years we have been able to cement our position as one of the most trusting and leading online assignment help service providers that has been helping a number of students in elevating their career paths and helping them to achieve success. With each passing day we will try our level best to improve the level of Excellence and quality that have been demanded by the clients.

Refund Policy

For us the satisfaction of our clients is our utmost priority. We have the most student friendly and easy refund policy where the money has been refunded within 24 hrs. of request. If you are not satisfied with the quality of the work that has been provided by our experts then you can raise a request and we will make a hundred percent refund of the amount that you have provided us. However there are certain guidelines that have been developed by our company and the refund will completely depend upon the kind of work and the deadline that you have provided as with. If you provided us with an assignment and the writer has started to work on the same after 24 hours of your email then around 25% of the money that has been transferred by you will be directed. You can check your assignment with the help of a tracker which is available on our official website. If you have given us an urgent assignment with a deadline of only 48 hours then we regret to inform you that we cannot refund any of the amounts that you have transferred to us. If you want to cancel the assignment then it will stand null and void and you will be handed over with all the personal details that you have provided us before the assignment. We will delete all information and data collected between 24 to 48 hours of your cancellation request.

We will be providing a refund for those assignments that does not meet the standard of quality ordered by you. If the assignment completed by our expert does not abide by the norms provided in your project or is not according to your case study which is completed through a logical process then you can Email us with all your queries and concerns. Our team of experts will review the overall assignment and the areas where we have failed to deliver as per your requirements and we will process the refund within 3 to 5 business working days. If you have made the payment which has been deducted from your bank account but is not received by our company then an order successful message will not be received by you. Unless you receive this message you will have no confirmation regarding your order. You can then give a call on a 24 into 7 helpline number and we can initiate a request on your end to refund the amount within 7 to 10 working days.

Age Limits

There is no age limit in our organisation to be a part of our team of experts. you can be of any age. However you should have a knack for Excellence and logical Analytics. You should be providing content which is plagiarism free and is grammatically correct. There has been no age limit in our organisation because we believe that it with age comes experience. If you have experience in content writing and have been referred to by a number of other peers as a good writer who understands all the requirements of the assignment then assignment help Australia is the best place for you. This will help you to gain an insight on the assignments and understand the needs and the requirements of the clients so that there is an increase in the quality of the projects.


It is quite obvious that being a student you will have certain queries regarding the payments and the charges that you need to make. The charges depend upon the kind of assessment and the quality of the projects that you desire for us to complete. We can assure you that in assignment help Australia we assist the students with some of the most high quality products at the lowest prices. The price range differs from assignment to assignment. For instance in the case of IT projects the prices and the charges will be a little higher than the archway subjects like history and geography. Most of these assignments are completed within the deadline and you will have to make the payment before the assignment has been started by our experts. For the details of the overall costs we would recommend you to kindly fill up the form with all your assignment requirements and details and send it to us. We will inform you on your personal email ID regarding the final charges and the payments that you will have to make.


In case of any Amendment that you would like to make in the final assignment that has been submitted to you by our experts we would like you to revert back within 24 hours of our submit. We would try our level best to meet all your feedback and requirements in the form of reworks. In case of any other details that you would want to provide the guarding the assignment we would charge you 25% of the overall assignment price. If you are not satisfied with parts of the assignment that have been completed by our expert then you can give us the feedback within 24 hours of receiving the assignment. We would make the appropriate changes as per your feedback and this will be completely free of cost. We assure you that means will enjoy an overall value for your money. We would not be charging any extra amount for or any mistakes that have been made by our experts.


In case of any limitations that might arise in your mind you can directly give us a call on our helpline numbers which are operational 24 into 7. If you have restrictions in calling us then you can also chat with us on an online platform. Our executives will revert back to you within 1 minute of wait time. You can also email us all your doubts and queries on an official email id which you will get on our website. We have been fine to develop our expertise in every domain. However yet if you do not like any of our work for post then you can give your feedback on our social media platforms. This will help us to improve our services better and meet all your needs and requirements. We would request you to constantly be in touch with us so that we can understand what you need and then act accordingly or develop products which are suited for your personal requirements.

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You can contact us on our official email address which is on our official website for stop along with 24 into 7 helpline numbers. You can follow us on Instagram and Facebook page. Don’t forget to like subscribe and share the posts which we upload on social media platforms. If you like our assignments then please give us your feedback.